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Indeed every human has a soft spot for their pets and especially for their dogs that have been considered as the man's most loyal companion over the decades. Every dog owners wishes to have the best products for their adorable four-legged pets. This process can often be time consuming due to the number of products that are available in the market.

To make your work easy, here are the top and different Bullymake boxes which have been regarded as one of the topmost and high-end products for dogs of different breeds.


Bullymake Box Reviews

Bullymake products are available for pet dogs that are heavy chewer and like to chew out their way towards anything! Hence, keeping in mind about the heavy chewers, the Bullymake box consists of almost 2-3 tough chew toys with three treats to keep your pet dogs happy and occupied.

These Bullymake boxes are designed and manufactured to withstand heavy chewing and come with small treats like flavor-infused toys. Moreover, these also come with hidden treats that, in some way, can always make your dog happy and cheerful.


  • Produces new treats and toys every month
  • Personalized boxes according to your dog
  • Come in two types; one can have access to either both toys and treats or can just have a Bullymake toy box.


  • Affordable pricing for the quality
  • Replacement of the box for free if their dog destroys the chew toys before 14 days.


  • Come in two types; one can have access to either both toys and treats or can just have a Bullymake toy box.
  • It provides alternative treats to dogs who are allergic to grain, beef, or chicken.

Order & Pricing

The Bullymake box is available for people based on their subscription. There are offers for one month, three months, six months, and 12 months subscription. Each box is worth $45 and has a free delivery in around 45 states.

You will have to sign up for the subscription on the official website and then choose their subscription plan. You will eventually receive a new box on every 15th of the month until the subscription expires.

Bullymake products can be ordered according to the craving of your companion. This Bullymake horseshoe toy is ideal for dogs around 15-150lbs and has proven to be the best for heavy chewers.

This Bullymake toy is available for $18. Moreover, since, it is a durable toy, you won’t have to worry about buying something new every week. There is a 30 day replacement guarantee as well, if the toy wears out too soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Bullymake located?

The Bullymake company is located in the US and manufactures products there. It is certified to provide its products in 45 States in the US.

What are Bullymake toys made of?

Bullymake toys are majorly made of different materials like nylon, rubber, etc. Irrespective of materials, these Bullymake toys are produced in order to satisfy the cravings of heavy chewers.

Which is better, Barkbox or the Bullymake?

Both Barkbox and Bullymake reviews have almost similar features and thoughts towards different dog products. Moreover, both of these brands offer both treats and toys for dogs with some attractive features.

As far as price is concerned, both of these brands offer almost similar price list. When we talk about Barkbox, their toys tend to need more replacement as compared to the Bullymake box toys.

That being said, your flurry pet is going to love these toys. So, instead of thinking about how to handle them daily, just get them these boxes and watch how engaged your dog will be.

Bullymake Horseshoe Nylon Toy

The Bullymake Horseshow Nylon Toy can keep them amused and entertained at the same time. Your flurry pet will love this toy and you won’t have to worry about them damaging something or creating a mess.

This Bullymake toy has been shaped like a horseshoe and surfaces with different textures. In fact, the toy provides a wholesome feel. There have been a number of Bullymake reviews claiming the popularity of these toys. Even your pet will find this nylon toy interesting and playable.

Features of this Bullymake toy

  • Attains different textures to satisfy your pet dogs.
  • Horseshoe design which satisfies the need for heavy chewers.
  • It is specialized for dogs weighing 15-150lbs.
  • Has a slight taste of mint to keep their buds amused.


  • Massive duty toys especially for heavy chewers
  • Free replacement of toys if they break within 14 days
  • Only toy box option available
  • Also makes customized box 


  • Slightly expensive
  • It only produces toys for Dogs and does not have a multi-pet option

Is proper care regarding dog food & toys important?

For dog owners and lovers, it is everything! If you, too, love dogs you would agree how important it is to get them proper toys to play with and delicious food. It’s not just about keeping them occupied but also about giving them proper diet.

Dog toys provide both mental and physical stimulation in the process of having a sound development inside your pet's body. Mostly, one needs different toys in order to prohibit heavy chewers from nibbling at inappropriate things present around them. These toys keep them amused and distracted from other things and prohibit them from getting bored as well.

Apart from the toys, every animal's body needs proper nutrients to keep their body fit and healthy. Hence, one should always choose for the best and high-quality food products. These might help your dog to build healthy muscles and an immune system with fewer medical conditions.

Ensuring with all such points and keeping in mind about the health of your precious pet, Bullymake produces different food products and toys. Some of these are as Bullymake ballistic toys and Bullymake snowflakes, which are all included in their Bullymake box and comes as a happy package just for your dog.

Concluding Thoughts

Depending on your pet's needs and requirements, you can select the best products by Bullymake. With some attractive features listed about the Bullymake box and Bullymake toys, these products will prove to be perfect for all kinds of dogs.

Give yourself a relaxing time and your flurry and adorable pet something to play with. Purchase Bullymake products and give them a treat!

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