Best Dog Food for German Shepherds with Skin Allergies

German shepherds often suffer from skin allergies. This condition is referred to as ‘atopy’ by veterinarians. This typically affects the dog’s belly, feet, ears, and folds of the skin. The most common signs include frequent ear infections, rubbing the face, and licking the paws.

Fortunately choosing the right type of dog food can often help to alleviate this condition. Below we give a few guidelines on how to choose the best dog food for German shepherds with skin allergies.

Ingredient information

Make sure the ingredients come from sustainable, trusted sources. Look for premium ingredients with added minerals and, vitamins. When you have to choose the best dog food for German shepherds with skin allergies, it’s also important to check that it contains vegetables and fruits, because these are powerful sources of antioxidants.

Off course, since skin health is in this case of paramount importance, you should also try to find a dog food that contains an Omega fatty acid blend. Roasted lamb is a prime ingredient because it’s rich in proteins, but depending on your dog’s preferences fish is also a good option.

What you do NOT want are preservatives, colorants, artificial flavoring, fillers, or GMO wheat, corn, or grain.

Health benefits

When you have to choose the best dog food for German shepherds with skin allergies, probably the most important ingredients would be an Omega fatty acid blend, plus a healthy dose of antioxidants. The fatty acids are crucial if you want to ensure a healthy coat and skin, while antioxidants boost your four-legged friend’s immune system, which makes it easier for the body to fight skin disease.

Seeing that you want to prevent skin allergies, it is particularly important to refrain from buying dog food that contains colorants, artificial preservatives, or flavorants.

Also, don’t fall into the trap of thinking that more is better: the longer the list of ingredients, the higher the chance that it contains artificial products that might irritate your dog’s skin.

What are the different features and characteristics to look for?

To end this discussion, here are a few other important features to look for when choosing a dog food for your German shepherd that has skin allergies.

Beware of Beef

Since beef is extremely common in dog food, it is not unusual for these animals to eventually develop an allergy to it. This is why we recommend switching to something that contains lamb or fish.

Another common source of allergies are dairy products

Many people are not aware that, just like humans, dogs are often lactose intolerant. Thus, if all else fails, try to eliminate dog foods that contain dairy products.


One of the most important aspects that you should check out before buying dog food for your German shepherd is that it contains solid amounts of high-quality protein. Since beef can become a source of allergies, we recommend lamb or fish.


Make sure the type of protein is clearly named. Never purchase something where the label merely states it contains ‘animal proteins’, ‘animal byproduct’, or ‘animal product’.

Expiration date

This might sound obvious, but it’s nevertheless very important: Don’t buy dog food that’s past or even near ts expiration date. If you won’t eat it, why should your best friend?

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