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Dogs are the most loved pets in most of the households. Easily turned into a family, these furry little and sometimes huge creatures turn out to be our best friends. As we talk of family, we certainly want the best for all of them. Just as cute as the little pups are, more is the attention that they need.

Many dog food products are available in the market, but most of them are overcooked at high temperatures and preserved for longer times, which makes them lose their nutrients. Ollie Dog Food is a class apart.

There are numerous Ollie dog food reviews present on the web, but here we will discuss the Ollie dog food ingredients, the nutrients it contains, the process, and every aspect of the product in detail. So, hold on to our breath, pay attention, and note why you should choose Ollie for your little loyal friend.


My Ollie Dog Food Reviews

Ollie, as a pet food company, started off in the year 2016 by Gabby Slome, Alex Douzet, and Randy Jimenez. The canine food is a big questionable area. Ollie dog food is a naturally hand-crafted food product that caters to every individual canine’s needs. We love our pets and want the best for them.

Ollie dog food ingredients are handpicked with proper consultation with dog nutritionists and then cooked at the company's food lab in small portions. Out of all the Ollie dog food reviews that one can find on the web, most of them are very positive and are impressed by the company’s efforts for the canines.


  • No added preservatives.
  • No artificial flavoring and the use of natural ingredients.
  • Minimally hand-cooked to preserve nutritional value.


  • Fresh cooked, packaged, and home-delivered at minimum cost.


  • Comes with an instruction manual, eco-friendly packing, and serving tools.
  • Refundable if your canine does not like the food.

What are the Nutritional Requirements of a Canine?

To ensure the good health of our furry friends, you must properly understand the nutritional requirements of your pet. While these requirements differ from breed to breed, there are some requirements that are common to all. Nutritional requirements also change with the age of the dog.

The average food for an adult dog should be an amalgamation of six basic ingredients – Water, Proteins, Fats, Carbohydrates, Vitamins, and Minerals. An adult dog's food should have 18% of protein, 5% of fats, and other ingredients at variable proportions. But, if we look at a pup's food, the requirement for protein and fat is 22% and 8 %, respectively.

It is very important that the ingredients in dog food are measured before the food is prepared. If any requirement is exceeded and is present in fewer quantities, the calorie intake of the dog is affected, leading to its overall health, growth, and development.

How Does Ollie Dog Food Work?

Ollie pet food reviews are evident proof of all the ways that they benefit you canine. Ollie offers its customers customized dog products that are freshly cooked and delivered to customers' houses every two weeks. There are four different variants that the company offers – Turkey, Lamb, Beef, and Chicken. 

The company follows a particular process before your food is delivered to your house.

Step 1: - Knowing the Canine - Any customer interested in the product will have to create a profile for their canine. Ollie then collects all the information about our furry friend with the help of a survey. Details such as age, height, weight, breed, activity level, etc. of the dog are taken to note.

Step 2: - Designing the Nutrition Plan – On the basis of the information entered by the dog owner, nutritionists at Ollie design a diet plan for the canine. Every nutrition plan is unique and caters to an individual dog's nutritional need.

Step 3: - Food preparation and Delivery – Based on the nutrition plan prescribed by the nutritionist, food is a special hand-crafted for our canine. This food is ready to serve and gets delivered to our house as per your subscription plan.

Step 4: - Let Your Canine Enjoy their Food – With ever chord touched, all that is left for the client to do is to preserve the food in the freezer and serve their canines as per its food requirements.

Purchase Process

If you have read the review so far and are planning to choose Ollie for your canine, then buying this product is not rocket science. The food can be ordered from the company's website or from Amazon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Ollie dog food raw?

Ollie dog food is not raw, but it is minimally cooked at controlled temperatures to preserve the nutrients in the food.

Is Ollie dog food grain-free?

Yes, the beef recipe that contained grain earlier has now been made grain-free to ensure the greater health of the canine.

How to prepare Ollie dog food?

Ollie dog food comes precooked at your doorstep. You just need to store the packets and serve your dog the required doses of food.

Where to buy Ollie dog food?

Ollie Dog Food can be ordered online from their website It can also be ordered from Amazon.

What Makes Ollie So Special?

Every dog is special, and that is why even Ollie dog food has some special features to it that will help your dog in a way that no other product can do.

  1. Customized for Use: - As mentioned earlier, all the dog food is customized as per the individual requirements of a canine, therefore making it a much more effective one for our canine.
  2. Uncompromised Taste: - Often, food packed with nutrients miss out on the taste factor making your furry friend not wanting to consume such food. But, in the case of Ollie, the taste remains lip-smacking while all the nutrients are balanced according to the AAFCO guidelines. Many happy clients in their Ollie dog food reviews have mentioned how happy their pet was on eating the food.        
  3. Home Delivered: - Frozen dog foods are often available in the market, but not all of them are home delivered. At Ollie, the food gets cooked and home-delivered as per your subscription. There is no need for reminder calls. The company does a very efficient job.
  4. Good Packaging: - Packaging of the dog food keeps it intact and preserved. Ollie also provides for special food lids that keep the food preserved. All the food is delivered in cartons that are leakage proof.
  5. Hand Cooked Food and Special Recipes – While most of us want to cook for our canines, it may seem a bit overwhelming and impossible. But at Ollie, the cooks take care of it. The food is hand cooked by skilled people, under proper hygiene.

Also, all the recipes are a mixture of many ingredients, including meat and vegetables. Therefore, they contribute to the wholesome growth of our pets.


  • No added preservatives.
  • No artificial flavoring and the use of natural ingredients.
  • Minimally hand-cooked to preserve nutritional value.
  • Recommended by veterinary nutritionists.
  • Fresh cooked, packaged, and home-delivered at minimum cost.
  • Refundable if your canine does not like the food.
  • Comes with an instruction manual, eco-friendly packing, and serving tools.


  • Removing of ingredients from recipes not allowed.
  • A little pricey.
  • A greater amount of care is needed for storing and preserving the food.

Concluding Thoughts

You must have read many Ollie dog food reviews, but this one was a bit long. All the aspects relating to the Ollie dog food have been discussed in this article.

Ollie, as a company, has been doing a great job of providing quality food for your pup. It is indeed a product to use and is highly recommended.

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