Barkbox Review: Insider Perspective

Barkbox is a monthly subscription box of treats and toys for your dog. When you order a BarkBox, you get two bags of delicious treats for your pup, two original toys, and a chew specially designed by experts. It is the most popular of all pet subscription boxes out there, and most BarkBox reviews will tell you so. It promises a fun-filled amazing experience for your doggo!

What’s unique about BarkBox is that its toys are designed according to a fun new theme every month. Chewrassic Bark, Knights of the Hound Table, and New York City are some of its past themes. The boxes can be customized according to your pet’s needs. If your doggo is big for its size and likes to play rough, you can opt for its Super Chewer version. This comes with toys and a chew, which is tough and durable and saves you from frequent trips to the store.


Super Chewer Barkbox Reviews

Do you have a big dog who loves to likes to plays rough? Then you should opt for the BarkBox Super Chewer. It is designed for dogs who love to chew. Every box comes with two bags of treats, two toys, and two chews.

The standard toys get destroyed pretty quickly if you have a heavy dog with tough teeth on your hands. The Super Chewer toys are durable and free of fluff. They last longer and save you from frequent visits to the nearest pet store.


  • Offers customized boxes according to your dog’s needs
  • There are allergy-free boxes, for dogs allergic to beef, chicken or turkey
  • Products are wheat, soy, corn, and filler-free
  •  All treats are either made in USA or Canada


  • Each goodie box comes with two treats, two toys, and a chew
  • You can get an extra toy added to your box for $9
  • The treats and toys are theme-based, designed as per a new playful theme every month


  • The boxes are available in three sizes, small, medium and large, according to the weight of your dog
  • The toys and chew are available in two choices, standard, and Super Chewer

Barkbox Reviews Big Dog

For medium and big sized dogs, Barkbox has two options. The Just Right box is perfect for dogs weighing between 20-50 lbs. For dogs above 50 lbs, Big & Bold is the best fit. The Super Chewer version is more suited to big dogs as it is tougher and durable.

Barkbox Reviews Small Dog

Small dogs love the small version of BarkBox. The Small & Cute box is the best fit for your pup if it weighs somewhere between 0-10 lbs. The toys and chew are tailored accordingly.

How It Works

Barkbox delivers its set of two toys, two bags of treats, and chew to your door every month. You can choose from a wide range of options and tailor your box according to your pup’s needs.

The first step is to specify your dog’s size. The boxes differ according to size. There are three available options to pick from:

  • Small & Cute for 0-10 lbs
  • Just Right for 20-50 lbs
  • Big & Bold if your pup’s over 50 lbs

Here, you can also mention if your dog is allergic to any foods. The treats will be sent accordingly.

The second step is deciding on your subscription plan. To get a Barkbox set delivered to your doorstep, you have to select a monthly plan of your choice. It can either be a twelve-month, six-month, or a month-to-month subscription. Prices vary accordingly.

The final step is to wait for your bag of goodies to arrive. Barkbox reviews will tell you how fun it is to open a Barkbox for both owner and pet. There is an element of mystery to the box as it comes according to a new theme every month. During the holiday season, there are special holiday-themed boxes, promising extra delight for your furry friend. Once you subscribe to a Barkbox plan, it is sure to get your dog excited every time he looks at a box!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of a Super Chewer box?

The super chewer box costs a few bucks more than the standard version. It comes with two treats, two toys, and two chews.

  • A twelve-month subscription costs $29 a month.
  • A six-month subscription is priced at $34 a box.
  • A month-to-month subscription will cost you $45.

How do I cancel my subscription to BarkBox?

You cannot cancel your twelve or six-month subscription in between. Once you subscribe, you are committed until the plan ends. Then you can choose whether to renew it or not. However, if your pup is not happy with its BarkBox, you can always reach out to them for assistance.

What do I do in case my dog is allergic to a specific food?

BarkBox has allergy-free options if your dog is allergic to beef, turkey, or chicken. However, in case of an uncommon allergy, you can speak to customer service, and they'll make a note of it. Treats will be customized accordingly.

What if I want a box with only toys in it?

Barkboxes are available with only toys or only treats in them. Your pup’s needs are a priority with BarkBox. You can get a customized box that fits your dog perfectly.


  • Has allergy-free treats for dogs with allergies
  • Saves money, as combined prices of treats and toys are much higher than the subscription rate of a BarkBox
  • You can customize your box as per your pet’s size and needs
  • There is a Super Chewer version available
  • Only natural and high-quality ingredients used
  • New playful and fun themes every month
  • Special holiday themes during holidays
  • Monthly subscription saves you trips to the store every month
  • Barkbox donates a part of its profits to animal shelters and organizations which treat animals at low cost or free


  • Once you subscribe to a twelve-month or a six-month plan, you cannot cancel in between
  • The subscription gets renewed automatically if you do not cancel
  • There’s no option to customize your box if you have multiple pets

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