Best German Shepherd Dog Collars – How to Pick the Right One?

A German Shepherd is one of the most sought after breeds across the globe owing to a plethora of qualities that they possess. A perfect blend of muscles and brain, German Shepherd is the finest all-purpose worker amongst the dog's kind.

Large and muscular built, commendable prowess, loyal, intelligent, confidence; these are some of the attributes that perfectly describe the German Shepherd breed. This is why they are considered to be the perfect police/ security dogs and a loving pet too.

Unlike every other breed of dog, finding a collar for a German Shepherd is a task that needs a lot of thought and a considerable amount of knowledge. Let us first understand why we need collars for a dog, especially a German Shepherd.

Best Dog Collar for German Shepherd

Top pick

Genuine Leather Dog Collar for Walking & Training

  • Constructed of genuine leather
  • Unique handle and D Ring Design
  • Perfect for medium and large breeds

Runner Up

Adjustable Tactical Dog Collar

  • Made with high quality nylon
  • Unique control handle to grab dog by collar


USA Flag Dog Collar

  • Adjustable for large dogs
  • Sturdy steel load bearing tactical buckle

Why buy a collar for your German Shepherd?

Here are five imperative reasons why you should buy a collar for your German Shepherd.


A collar serves as a place for you to put your dog's identification tag, microchip, license, and other medical purpose related tags.


A collar is generally used in combination with a leash to train and handle a dog. You can teach your dog certain tricks and commands with the help of a collar. Also, it helps you to restraint and controls your dog from doing certain unwanted actions.

Sense of belonging

If there’s a collar around a dog’s neck, people can easily identify that he/she is someone’s pet and not a stray dog. It gives the dog a sense of belonging.


Believe it or not, but in modern times, collars are considered to be a tool to enhance your dog's visual appeal and reflect your taste as well.


New generation collars are equipped with a flea and tick repellant chemical that protects a dog from the unwanted organisms invading their skin.

Points to keep in mind while choosing a collar for your German Shepherd

A German Shepherd is a unique dog with a different head shape as compared to the other breeds. Hence, it becomes all the way more important to pick the perfect collar with ideal fitting for your German Shepherd.

They are hyperactive dogs, and thus it is imperative to have a fitted collar to ensure both comfort and that the collar always stays on.

  • Measure your dog’s head circumference with tape to get an idea about its head size. This will help you to buy a fitted collar. 
  • After putting on the collar, if you are able to put a couple of fingers between his neck and collar, then you have a perfect fit.

Not to forget that there is a gamut of collar varieties available in the market to choose from.

  • Your dog's collar type should totally depend upon his disposition, solidity, and level of training.
  • For excessively aggressive, robust, bold, or shy types- a head halter collar is recommended.
  • For the ones in danger of a collapsed trachea or other medical issues, a harness is recommended.
  • Other collars that you can use are training collar, martingale collar, and gentle leader collar.
  • Always avoid using shock collars or prong choke collars. They can be fatal for a dog.

Choosing the right collar for your dog, especially a German Shepherd, is crucial in order to ensure comfort, safety, and proper training. With the above-mentioned points in mind, you can easily decipher which collar is right for you and will be able to suit him in the best capacity.

Pick the best collar for your lovely pet, and see how he will love it as well.

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